Residential Landscaping & Design | Hardscape & Fertilizing Services

Tucker Landscaping has been upholding first class residential landscape maintenance for over 15 years in the Cleveland and Akron areas. We have been devoted to providing a full service landscape company to our ever expanding residential base. With our knowledgeable staff and our friendly qualified landscape technicians, Tucker has been a preferred choice. Our core residential services are available spring through fall.

Every lawn has its strong points as well as its weak points. A consistent lawn maintenance program will address both areas of your lawn and work to achieve the correct balance for a well-tended, first class appearance. Having many years of experience and first-hand knowledge of our local environment, the different soil compositions in the Cleveland and Akron areas and the typical weather conditions, we know what hardships your lawn may face throughout the outdoor seasons. We employ many landscaping techniques that relieve you of the burden of yard maintenance and allow you to enjoy the outdoors till summers end!

Residential Hardscapes Services

Now is the time to gear up for your outdoor living in Northeast Ohio. The Farmer's Almanac gives us a little foresight into what we can expect this spring and summer. The Almanac suggests that we will have warmer but a bit rainier than normal weather in April and May. Then we'll have a little hotter than normal summer, with rainfall slightly below normal. September and October is expected to be a little drier than usual too. What does this mean for your outdoor living during this time? Many are now looking to incorporate more “hardscape” design into their overall landscaping. Hardscapes can remain the focal point of your outdoor living regardless of the ever changing Northeast Ohio weather.

Hardscapes enhance the “zones of interest” in your outdoor living. The kids play area will define itself different than your adult patio and lounge areas. As your professional landscaping company, Tucker knows how to properly integrate these hardscape designs to be enjoyed by all!

Hardscape can include functional and decorative elements alike. Awnings, canopies along with other heating and cooling elements provide a functional use. Adding an outdoor rug, furniture and a splash of color will spice up the decorative side of hardscape.

Residential Lawn Fertilizing Services

Now that you have your points of interest created throughout your yard, it is a good time to address the need for how to maintain that healthy, green, lush look and feel throughout the warmer seasons. Proper lawn fertilizing service and care is a must as you want your yard to live up to its fullest potential.

Thick, healthy grass will naturally reduce the weed activity in your yard. Strong healthy grass roots help absorb water more quickly, reducing those soggy puddles and standing water. A thriving lawn will bounce back quickly after a long day of use and playtime. A good looking, well fed lawn makes being outdoors more satisfying. Fertilization protects your landscaping investment. Tucker Landscaping prides itself on having the real time experience to know when to feed your lawn, what to feed your lawn and how much to feed your lawn to keep it happy and healthy for your full enjoyment.

Residential Maintenance Services

  • Spring Clean Up
  • Bed Edging
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Fertilizing Programs
  • Lawn Treatment
  • Annual Plantings
  • Weed Control
  • Pruning
  • Disease Insect Control
  • Mulching
  • Core Aeration and Over Seeding
  • Leaf Clean Up
  • Monthly Pond Servicing
  • Irrigation Repair and Servicing
  • Outdoor Lighting Maintenance

Residential Construction Services

  • Full Landscape Design and Enhancement
  • Lawn Installation
  • Tree, Shrub, Bed Installation
  • Water Features
  • Paver and Stone Installation
  • Outdoor Lighting and Irrigation